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Frequently Asked Questions

For those of you who are browsing, let me answer some questions right up front. It may be the deciding feature whether you want to read further.

Calories Do I have to count Calories? No. Your own body will control intake.
Cholesterol Will eating all that fat increase my cholesterol? No. In most cases it will reduce your cholesterol. If you do see a rise, this can be brought back down with garlic and vitamin E supplements. The emphasis on monounsaturated fats in this diet is one of the key features to prevent cholesterol from rising.
Constipation Will this diet be constipating? No. After the first week I emphasize both soluble and insoluble fibers intake and yogurt or Kefir. This will bulk the stool.
Exercise Do I have to exercise? Not until you can.
HDL What will the diet do to my HDL? Nothing. Exercise and Vitamin E supplements will raise it.
Hunger Will I be hungry? Probably not. This diet produces natural hunger suppressants.
Hyperinsulinemia What are the symptoms of hyperinsulinemia?



Do I need to test for hyperinsulinemia

  1. Big belly
  2. Feel sleepy two to three hours after lunch
  3. Need an afternoon snack
  4. Feel better after candy
  5. Always hungry, even shortly after eating.

No. Most people 20% or more overweight are hyperinsulinemic

Ketones Is Ketosis dangerous?


Is Ketosis the same as ketoacidosis?


Do I have to test my urine with ketostix?

No. It’s a natural state after fasting or exercise. The diet forces it to be your normal state.

No. Ketoacidosis is a dangerous condition associated with Type 1 diabetes. It has nothing to do with ketogenic diets.

No. Testing for ketosis is not the objective. Weight loss is.

Kidney disease Will low carbohydrate dieting give me kidney disease? No. There are no studies showing a low carbohydrate diet can actually cause kidney damage.
Low Carbohydrate Diet Why do you lose weight on a lo'carb diet? Control of insulin is the basis of all low carb diets. By forcing the body to burn fats for fuel you waste calories. The ketotic state also reduces your appetite and your calorie intake goes down.
Snacks Are snacks allowed? Yes, so long as they are low carbohydrate snacks like chicken wings, jerky, cheese or macadamia nuts.
Triglycerides Will all that fat increase my blood triglycerides? No. Most high blood triglycerides are caused by carbohydrate ingestion. Almost all people will lower their serum triglycerides when eating the HiMoLoCarb way
Vegetarianism Can I be vegetarian? Yes, but it will be pretty boring. You cannot eat fruits or legumes or pastas that are the heart of the variety for vegetarians.
Weight Loss How fast will I lose weight? Varies for each individual and how strict you are at cutting carbohydrates. It may vary for one to ten pounds per month after the initial rapid weight loss.

ŠAdvanced Biomedical Methods, 1998