Do    you    have    these    symptoms?

Are you more than 20% overweight?
Do you feel bloated after eating?
Are you hungry shortly after eating?
Do you feel sleepy two to three hours after eating?
Do you have high serum triglycerides (fats)?
Do you have a low HDL?
Have you tried almost everything to slim down, but nothing works for long?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions

then you are almost certainly hyperinsulinemic. People with hyperinsulinemia (about 20% of the US population) do not do well on a low fat, high carbohydrate diet. That kind of diet may be a one way ticket to type 2 diabetes. The more you feed your body carbohydrates (of any kind), the worse your symptoms become. Look at your parents or grandparents. Did they gain weight then become diabetic? You may end up the same way. Please consider a low carbohydrate diet. My book, HiMoLoCarb(TM) is a path to a slimmer healthier life. Please click on HiMoLoCarb for more information.

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